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#Taemin1stWin + #괴도1stWin CONGRATS LEE TAEMIN!!

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D.O: *korean korean* Wendy Cinderella *korean korean*
All: woahhh
Lay: Shindewell…wella
Chanyeol: Shinderrerra
Chen: Wendy. Wendy.
D.O: Cinderella
Chanyeol: Shindererra
D.O: CINderella
Chanyeol: Ohhh woah Kyungsoo you!
Ryeowook: Say it one more time!
D.OCinderella *with a proud smile* 
Chaneyol: Ohh I knew it would be like this
Ryeowook: Lay-ssi, is the (pronunciation) correct?
Lay: yes. (lol)

Kim Jaeseop the rice master…

When N puts his tears of joy into the magic potion…

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☯ ☼ ◆ :* ☽ soft yixing pastel grunge hipster blog ☾ *: ◆ ☼ ☯


Hannah reveals her true identity as Azealia Banks


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